Battle of the Diets: Maybe the Answer is in Your Genes

As a dietitian, I nutr-img-1-1don’t recommend any one special diet as a magic bullet solution for everyone. Every diet has advocates claiming that “Everyone needs to be on ‘xyz’ diet to reach their ideal weight & solve their health problems.” But why do some people effectively reach their ideal weight & heal chronic conditions by going Paleo, Very Low Carb, Keto or Vegan, while the same diet may have no results or even cause imbalances in the bodies of others? A lot of it is due to genetics, which is why I don’t believe there’s a “one-size-fits all” diet. So stick with me to learn how genes impact your body’s relationship with different foods –> Continue reading “Battle of the Diets: Maybe the Answer is in Your Genes”


Don’t Get Derailed: Tips for a Healthy Holiday


Feasting with family & friends is a big part of celebrating the holidays, so it’s important to let yourself enjoy some holiday treats. It’s one of the joys of life & there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you keep a healthy balance.  So check out these ideas for enjoying the holidays without falling (completely) off the wagon! Continue reading “Don’t Get Derailed: Tips for a Healthy Holiday”

So You Just Watched “What the Health”…Stop, Breathe, & Read This

617985582I just finished watching the Netflix documentary that has so many of my friends in a panic, called “What the Health”.  I’ve heard of people going vegan cold turkey after watching this thing.  So, I decided to watch it, analyze it, and give you my 2 cents from the perspective of a Registered Dietitian. There were a few issues with the film that I wanted to address, but for the sake of length I’ll only focus on two. Continue reading “So You Just Watched “What the Health”…Stop, Breathe, & Read This”

Health Obsession: The Hidden Eating Disorder


You have a well-intentioned goal to get healthier and so you start exercising, limiting junk food, and eating more fruits and veggies.  That’s awesome! Then a few weeks/months later, your diet is very limited and it’s hard to eat in public.  Yes, you eat, but there’s very little variety in what you’re willing to eat. For you, eating is a complicated process.  What happened? Continue reading “Health Obsession: The Hidden Eating Disorder”

To Juice Cleanse or Not to Juice Cleanse…

So, there’s a guy on your T.V./Computer screen trying to sell you a book and his juicing system that’s supposed to make you lose weight fast, cleanse or “detox” your system, give you a ton of energy, and make you the happiest you’ve ever been.  Should you take the bait? Continue reading “To Juice Cleanse or Not to Juice Cleanse…”

Voice Your Suggestions

Hi Friends and Readers!

Thanks for going on this journey with me.  There are so many diets and pieces of nutrition info floating around out there in cyber space…just too many to choose from for my next blog post. So, I want to open the floor for readers to suggest topics, myths, or questions they want to see answered.  If something comes to mind,  tell me your question or what you want me to cover by typing it in the comments section below.

Stay Healthy


DIET: The Other Dirty Word

Honestly, the word “diet” makes me cringe, and I get a mental picture of people eating in very restricted, unnatural ways for the sake of looking like someone they were never meant to look like in the first place, and then being sabotaged by strong food cravings that developed from eliminating foods they had no business eliminating.  But in reality, a diet is simply a regular pattern of eating, or a food regimen, with some being good, while others are junk.  “What makes a good diet? ” you might ask.  Continue reading “DIET: The Other Dirty Word”

Organic vs. Conventionally Grown: The Real Story

Organic vs. Conventional2The Issue

“Organic” has been a popular buzzword in the wellness field for at least the past 8 years, automatically giving anything bearing the title a special “super food” status . Many think that organic food offers more nutrients than conventional non-organic produce and livestock. And some wellness blogs can give the impression that if you’re not eating organic fruits & veggies, then they’re not worth eating at all because you’re poisoning yourself if you eat anything else. But is organic food really safer and more nutritious than its non-organic counterparts? Let’s see what the research says. Continue reading “Organic vs. Conventionally Grown: The Real Story”

Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Wellness Coach…Aren’t They All the Same?

The answer is a resounding NO! “Nutritionist” is a broad term that applies to anyone who works with food and nutrition, including Registered Dietitians (RDs). But not all Nutritionists can be called a Registered Dietitian. RDs are also included in the term “Licensed Nutritionist”. Continue reading “Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Wellness Coach…Aren’t They All the Same?”